How can I return an item?

If you have received an item that does not meet your wishes, you have 30 days to return your item.

You can send your return to the following address:

Name Company Brand Trotter SRL
Department Returns
Address Via Giuseppe Compagnoni 13
Postal Code 20129
City Milano
Country ITALY


What are the return conditions?

You can see whether an item meets your needs easily at home. After receiving your order you have 30 days to see whether you like an item or whether you would like to return it. However, there are some conditions to returning an item:


  • All items
  • The item(s) may not be worn and needs to be undamaged,
  • Undamaged means that the article needs to be clean, contains no stains and shows no damage,
  • All Blackstone Tags need to be attached,
  • The item(s) need to be returned in the original state and in the original package
  • All the labels need to be attached to the item(s)



We accept no returns that do not comply with any of the above-mentioned conditions. If your return does not meet the conditions, without any reason mentioned beforehand, we will contact you about the situation. In this case, we are forced to resend your order and we will not refund your money.


If you have a question about our return policy and the return conditions, please let us know through our customer service: [email protected] .



I have received an item that I have not ordered. What can I do now?

Our apologies for any inconvenience. If it is the unfortunate case that you have received a product you have not ordered, we kindly ask you to contact our customer service: [email protected] .

You can return this item(s) and fill in the return form that is handed to you together with your order. Let us know on this form that you have received an item that you have not ordered. As soon as we have received the return at our warehouse, we will check the return and refund the money as soon as possible in the same way as you have placed the initial order. Meanwhile, you can order the item you wanted. Unfortunately, it is not possible to swap an item.

When you have received a product that you have not ordered, the return costs will be paid by us in this case. The shipping costs will only be refunded if you return the entire order together with this product.



I have received a free promotional product with my order. Do I need to return this product?

If you have ordered a free promotional product along with your order, you need to return this item as well if your return order amount is below the order amount set for the promotion.

For example, you have ordered a promotional product, which you will receive for free along with your order above €150,-. You return some items and your final order amount is €75,-. In this case, you need to return your promotional product as well, while you are no longer entitled to this product. If you still wish to keep this product, we are forced to deduct the value of the product with your refund.


How many days of reflection time do I have?

You have 30 days to see whether an item meets your wishes. After you have received your order the 30 days reflection time starts. If an item does not meet your wishes, you can return an item to us, as long as you comply with the return conditions.


When will I receive my refund?

When we have received your order at our warehouse, we shall check the returned item(s). When you have complied with the return conditions, we shall refund your money as soon as possible. This will happen in the same way as you have paid your initial order. We process returns on a daily basis, so this process will not take too long. Within a maximum of 14 working days, we will have processed your return and refunded your money.


Can I exchange an item?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange an item due to technical reasons. Our customer service is also unable to exchange an item for you or make a new order for you. What you can do is go to our webshop ( ), choose the item you wish and make a new order. You can return the item that does not meet your wishes. We advise you to make the order as soon as possible, while it can happen that your item is no longer available. As soon as we have received your return to our warehouse, we will process this as soon as possible. After approval, we will refund your money in the same way as you have paid your initial order. If you return the entire order your delivery costs will be refunded as well.


Can I return items from different orders in one box?

Yes, of course, you can return items from different deliveries in one box. Just make sure that you hand in all the return forms from the different orders, so we know which items from which orders you would like to return.


If you wish to return an item, but you have lost your return label, please contact us on our mail: [email protected] .

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